About Myfishkeepingworld 

This website is dedicated to helping new and advanced fish keepers everywhere, with information that even the most elite aquarists may not know. We have guides with easy-to-understand information, best fish for beginners, and recommended tank products.

The whole point of this website

Is to help those looking for information and guidance to set up their aquarium, so leave a review if it helps, and even if it doesn’t, tell us how we could improve! We strive to keep our information up to date and valid, but user input is always welcome, whether it is a new idea for a topic, or some other suggestion or critique.

Fish have been an interest of ours for a long time, and as we learned about this big world of marine life, we have made mental and physical notes of everything we came across, and now are putting it into one simple blog for all to learn from, and most importantly, enjoy. Since you can never know everything there is to learn, we are constantly learning and always appreciate when people reach out to us and share their opinion on anything fish related.